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Client: Grey Ark Technology (

Focus: Concept, Creative Direction, Design, Illustrations, Product Photography, Technical Strategy, Frontend Development, Backend Development

As a growing business, Grey Ark Technology approached us to upgrade their site to reflect this. In order for us to reach this goal, we found out their aspirations for the next 3-5 years, along with their target audience.

This information allowed us to create a site that is fully functional and responsive. We changed their payment gateway to make it quicker and easier for their customers to purchase items.

The landing page was changed from a YouTube video to a sleek simple design, making it as effective on a desktop as it is on mobile, whilst increasing the overall speed of the store.

We wanted to create a timeless site that would still fit with their goal of developing a wide range of technology, whilst speaking to new and existing customers.

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Design Leads: Charles Onuoha

Product Photography: Charles Onuoha

London, Uk

1 Place Ville Marie, 21st floor / Montreal, Quebec  H3B 2C6 / Canada
55 Washington St. / 5th Floor Brooklyn / NY 11201